I never thought I would enjoy taking my two boys for haircuts at a barber shop. I acutually look forward to hanging out and talking with Jeff and Kevin. From the second you open that door, they make you feel like they've known you forever and are so happy to see you. They are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. My husband and two boys have been going to Roy's Barber Shop for 6 years since we move to Hamilton and before that we went to their brothers in East Windsor, where we lived. We kept it in the family, because these guys treat you like family. Most kids would complain when they have to go for their haircuts; not mine. Jeff and Kevin are so funny and entertaining that my kids have a blast with them. Jeff and Kevin are two guys that I wish I had as neighbors. They are people you enjoy being around and they give fantastic haircuts. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Jenn Elias

I've been getting my hair cut at Roy's for over 10 years and now both of my sons get their hair cut there. I've been to a lot of barbershops in the Mercerville area, but none come close to Roy's. Kevin and Jeff are very personable guys who really enjoy what they do and give great, reasonably priced haircuts. They are also great with kids. Be sure to ask about their free car washes and shaving cream high fives.

Tom Miller, Mercerville

We have been going to Roy's Barber Shop for over 21 years! We live in Eastampton and gladly make the 25 mile trip because Kevin and Jeff are the best! Its not just a haircut but live entertainment and great social atmosphere.

P.S. Jeff makes great wine and Kevin can catch fish (occasionally).

Glenn and Sue Forney

I have been a customer of Roy's Barber Shop for 27 years. Kevin and Jeff are full-service barbers who greet each customer by name and pride themselves on quality service. If you are looking for a quick, cheap haircut, their service may not appeal to you. If you are looking for quality service in a friendly and inviting atmosphere operated by people who are happy to serve you; then look no more.

Joe Ehrhardt, Hamilton Square

I have been a customer of Roy's barber shop for over 20 years. I live in Newtown, PA which means that I bypass hundreds of shops on my way to Roy's. Why? First and foremost, to get a good haircut at a reasonable price, in a clean shop, with a good assortment of newspapers and magazines, and two television sets. Best of all, Jeff and Kevin are personable and are ready to dialogue on everything from photography, to fresh and salt water fishing, and the latest happenings in professional sports. They can even talk about things they know nothing about. Or, you can just relax in the chair, and they will limit their comments to "Hello" and "Thank you for coming". The choice is yours. Give Roy's a try when you need your next trim. I bet you will be back for more.

Len Franckowiak

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